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MF is your partner in Mexico for your footwear and leather goods sourcing projects. We provide investigation, development, inspection and logistic services to importers.


Investigation, Development, Inspection and Logistics

Engage with capable footwear and
leather goods manufacturers in Mexico.
Get the information and control you need.


Our Focus is Certainty

Professional and international team.
Unique process. The most reliable
footwear and leather goods sourcing
strategy services in Mexico.


Leather Goods & Footwear Sourcing Agent in Mexico

Mexico Footwear Agency (MF) is a leather and footwear sourcing agent located in Leon city, Mexico. MF helps entrepreneurs to multinational retailers and wholesalers to improve their footwear and leather goods sourcing strategies. Contacting and doing business with quality shoe manufacturers and leather suppliers in Mexico is easier with the help of a professional purchasing agent.

We help our customers find reliable suppliers or manufacturers, communicate efficiently, understand local business culture, and more. MF also provides quality inspection services to make sure your order meets your quality and quantity needs.

Free Consultation

Find out if your footwear and leather goods needs can be covered in Mexico. Fill in our feasibility study questionnaire and we’ll give you a free consultation about your opportunities in Mexico.

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Mexico Footwear Agency quick overview

How does our method work?

Fill in our feasibility form so we can understand the scope of your project and give you advice about your opportunities with leather goods and/or shoe manufacturers in Mexico.

What do we do?

We specialize on leather goods and footwear sourcing services in Mexico (investigation, product development, quality control, and international logistics).

Why do you need our services?

Get advice from experienced professionals in the leather and footwear industry in Mexico. We conduct in-depth investigations and evaluations of manufacturers, offering you invaluable insights and data-driven decisions. Quality control ensures what you ordered is what you receive. Logistics coordination will ensure products are delivered on time. We enhance your understanding of local business culture.

Who is it for?

MF services is for entrepreneurs to multinational retailers and wholesalers who want to improve their sourcing strategies on footwear and leather goods from Mexico.

Mexico Footwear Agency physically visits suppliers once or twice a week to check in on developments and production. This is a HUGE value-add. It's so easy for suppliers to stop answering emails and phone calls. But when you have a local professional knocking on their door, things get done! They're a hardworking group of professionals, so organized and friendly! I HIGHLY recommend Mexico Footwear Agency (MFA).

Mountain Chang, Carets founder, USA.

Without Mexico Footwear Agency we would have been unable to cost effectively source reliable factories, material suppliers, and designers. In addition, has efficiently and effectively represented our interests with these factories, material suppliers, and designers to ensure that our requirements are met for quality and pricing from the product development stage to manufacturing.

Roy Gardiner, Biopods associate, Canada.

I would highly recommend the MFA to anyone interested in producing in Mexico. They are a highly organized, knowledgeable, and driven team of people who pride themselves on customer satisfaction and have access to all the necessary resources for manufacturing. A huge benefit of working with MFA is their organization. Working with MFA they stayed focused and made sure that we contacted and followed up with every business we needed to. Also having MFA with me to negotiate logistics and prices was crucial to the success of my business in Mexico.

John Walker, Cooks flips owner, USA.

Mexico Footwear Agency was very helpful, expertise which I didn’t have. Understood culture, start to finish help with my sandal project.
I have been very satisfied with the service Mexico Footwear Agency supplies, I would highly recommend it. My sandal project would not have been completed with their help.

Norm Bradley, Cabo Comfort founder, Canada.

Leather and Footwear Sourcing Solutions and More in Mexico

footwear sourcing agent

Sourcing Agent Services

Our buying agent services takes most part of your sourcing solutions. We evaluate the right shoe manufacturers, carry out negotiations and make all the investigation needed before placing an order. Our professionals work together with manufacturers to complete the product development process successfully.

We give place for improvements in your material management efforts and carry out quality control inspections during production and before shipment. After production finishes we’ll advice on export procedures and documents.

footwear quality control services

Quality Control Services

shoe manufacturers

Other Services

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We stay updated about the leather goods and footwear industry in Mexico. We blog about quality inspections, trade shows, sourcing, international commerce, investment and anything related with our business. Read our recent blog posts:

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