6 Reasons Why SAPICA Footwear Show is Worthwhile Visiting

6 Reasons Why SAPICA Footwear Show is Worthwhile Visiting

If you’re thinking attending SAPICA footwear show in Mexico you probably made yourself this question: Is it worthwhile attending SAPICA? SAPICA is the biggest footwear show in Mexico and the second biggest in the American continent. It takes place twice a year. It’s always good to attend this kind of shows, meet people from the same industry and learn new things. The organizing committee makes great efforts to help foreign buyers. They even made a special area for foreign buyers so they can rest, have meetings and get some snacks.

Yes, it’s worthwhile attending SAPICA footwear show. You will learn about the Mexican footwear brands, and if you make the right questions, you’ll learn how business is really done in Mexico.

6 Reasons to Attend SAPICA Footwear Show …

How you can improve your negotiation techniques when doing business in Mexico.

There are many negotiation styles in the world, but the most efficient negotiators are the Japanese. It’s good to learn from them. I’ve studied their negotiation styles and their formula can be applied when doing business in Mexico and any other country in the world. Of course, you need to adapt some things, but the basic principles apply everywhere.

You need to prepare yourself before a negotiation takes place. Create a negotiation plan. I’m going to give an introduction to the basic principles of a creative and new global negotiation style. I’ll divide this post in two parts.

1. What to do before the negotiation

Before meeting and negotiating with suppliers or manufacturers I suggest you take some time to prepare. Below I list 6 procedures to do before …

Here’s a Quick Way to Prepare Yourself Before you Travel to Leon in Mexico.

If it’s the first time you travel to Leon in Mexico then you should read something about the city, prepare your trip and take basic traveler precautions. Leon is located in the State of Guanajuato, one of the safest States in Mexico. In the U.S. State Department website you can see that there is no advisory information for Guanajuato State.

Below I will give you 9 recommendations to prepare yourself before you travel to Leon.

1. Manage your money

Call your bank or credit card company and let them know about your travel plans. Most banks and credit card companies keep track of spending patterns and may interpret an unexpected overseas purchase as credit card fraud. Don’t let your bank or credit card company lock your …

The Top Five Footwear Design Books

Thanks to fashion design competition television shows, many people have discovered an interest in fashion design, including footwear design. While it isn’t always convenient for people to go to design school, they can purchase books on footwear design to learn the necessary skills at home in their spare time. The footwear industry is important in Mexico and these books can help give designers valuable information about shoe design and production. Take a look at our top five footwear design books below.

1) Footwear Design (Portfolio Skills: Fashion & Textiles) by Aki Choklat

This book on footwear design helps readers learn the process of designing shoes and boots for the fashion industry. The pages of the book include sketchbooks detailing the design process, along with commissioned images of cutting-edge designs. …

Top 5 Countries Mexico Exports Footwear

Mexico’s footwear exports have increased steadily between 9% to 10% since 2008. In 2013 the total exports closed with 26,072,685 pairs. According to AGA (Customs General Administration), this figure represented around 593 million dollars.

One of the main type of products Mexico exports is leather footwear, tariff heading 6403. This means Mexico specializes in value-added and high quality footwear. The average price of these products in 2014, including cowboy boots, is around USD $ 43.

Top 5 Destinations of Mexican Footwear Exports

1. USA 2. Colombia 3. Guatemala 4. Japan 5. Panama

Mexico exports 82% of their footwear production to USA. Mexican companies have more experience exporting footwear to the neighboring country. Mexico’s second largest footwear trading partner is Colombia. Colombia has made ​​several efforts to import Mexican …