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The leading footwear association in Mexico, the Mexican Footwear Chamber, has a fashion analysis, research and design studio focusing on global design and fashion trends. They give this service to Mexican shoe manufacturers.

The fashion footwear department developed a strategy aiming to link all the productive chain to create MOME (Fashion with a divine touch) and develop a fashion collection. The first season was named “comeme el corazon”, which means “eat my heart” in english. They developed the slogan,

“Under the influence of the divine inspiration and the ancestral experience, magic myths and traditions of our Mexican lineage. A wave of emotions that will lead us to experience a new concept of fashion and footwear lushe.”

There are many events in Mexico where young and new designers present their fashion footwear proposals. One if this events is Créare, which takes place in the city of Leon, Mexico. It is an international fashion and design contest, supported by the Government of Guanajuato.

Nowadays, manufacturers visit international shoe fairs to know more about fashion trends. However, as I mentioned before, there are important efforts to create Mexican fashion. In Mexico you will find great manufacturers of fashion footwear for women and for men.

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