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Top 5 Countries Mexico Exports Footwear

Mexico’s footwear exports have increased steadily between 9% to 10% since 2008. In 2013 the total exports closed with 26,072,685 pairs. According to AGA (Customs General Administration), this figure represented around 593 million dollars.

One of the main type of products Mexico exports is leather footwear, tariff heading 6403. This means Mexico specializes in value-added and high quality footwear. The average price of these products in 2014, including cowboy boots, is around USD $ 43.

Top 5 Destinations of Mexican Footwear Exports

1. USA 2. Colombia 3. Guatemala 4. Japan 5. Panama

Mexico exports 82% of their footwear production to USA. Mexican companies have more experience exporting footwear to the neighboring country. Mexico’s second largest footwear trading partner is Colombia. Colombia has made ​​several efforts to import Mexican …

Footwear Industry Analysis – global footwear market valued at 326,500 million dollars in 2013

According to data obtained from PROMEXICO (Mexican Government Organization to Promote Exports), the global footwear industry has increased year by year. It was one of the less hurt industries during the world economic crisis from 2008 to 2009.

The footwear industry analysis tells us this industry has increased 3.7% in the year of 2012, reaching sales of 256,600 million dollars. It’s envisioned that the global footwear market will have a value of 326,500 million dollars, with a growth of 21.8% since 2013.

Top Countries Importing and Exporting Footwear

Talking about footwear exports in the world, it’s interesting to know that 65% of the world exports are made by the following 5 countries :

1. China 2. Italy 3. Vietnam 4. Hong Kong 5. Germany

As for footwear imports

How to Take Advantage on Footwear Manufacturing in Mexico

Footwear manufacturing in Mexico has 400 years of history. The State of Guanajuato is the leading footwear manufacturing Mexican state, representing 70% of the domestic footwear production.

According to data provided in 2011 by INEGI (The National Institute of Statistics and Geography) and CICEG (Mexican Footwear Chamber), Mexico has 7,981 footwear manufacturers producing an average of 244 million pairs of shoes.

Footwear manufacturing in Mexico advantages

We have listed a total of 6 advantages to manufacture footwear in Mexico.

1. Favorable location

Leon City and Guanajuato State is well connected through highways with the rest of the country. Mexico’s infrastructure and roads are of a high standard. There are currently 45 USA-Mexico border crossings with 330 ports of entry.

Guanajuato has an international airport with 250 weekly inbound flights …

8 Tips for Buyers Attending SAPICA Footwear Trade Show 2014 in Mexico

SAPICA is the leading trade show of mexican footwear in Mexico and Latin America. This footwear trade show takes place in the city of Leon in Mexico. Every entrepreneur or sourcing manager in the leather and footwear industry should attend SAPICA and look for new business opportunities. New design and fashion are important elements of the mexican footwear. Here are 8 tips for buyers attending SAPICA footwear trade show 2014.

Footwear trade show tips

1. Pre Register. Pre register in advance to avoid long lines and confusion.

2. Pre Trade Show Planning.

3. Get Local Help. It’s always a good option to look for experienced and professional local help. Get help if you are new to SAPICA footwear trade show, if you had bad …