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6 Reasons Why SAPICA Footwear Show is Worthwhile Visiting

If you’re thinking attending SAPICA footwear show in Mexico you probably made yourself this question: Is it worthwhile attending SAPICA? SAPICA is the biggest footwear show in Mexico and the second biggest in the American continent. It takes place twice a year. It’s always good to attend this kind of shows, meet people from the same industry and learn new things. The organizing committee makes great efforts to help foreign buyers. They even made a special area for foreign buyers so they can rest, have meetings and get some snacks.

Yes, it’s worthwhile attending SAPICA footwear show. You will learn about the Mexican footwear brands, and if you make the right questions, you’ll learn how business is really done in Mexico.

6 Reasons to Attend SAPICA Footwear Show …

8 Tips for Buyers Attending SAPICA Footwear Trade Show 2014 in Mexico

SAPICA is the leading trade show of mexican footwear in Mexico and Latin America. This footwear trade show takes place in the city of Leon in Mexico. Every entrepreneur or sourcing manager in the leather and footwear industry should attend SAPICA and look for new business opportunities. New design and fashion are important elements of the mexican footwear. Here are 8 tips for buyers attending SAPICA footwear trade show 2014.

Footwear trade show tips

1. Pre Register. Pre register in advance to avoid long lines and confusion.

2. Pre Trade Show Planning.

3. Get Local Help. It’s always a good option to look for experienced and professional local help. Get help if you are new to SAPICA footwear trade show, if you had bad …