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How you can improve your negotiation techniques when doing business in Mexico.

There are many negotiation styles in the world, but the most efficient negotiators are the Japanese. It’s good to learn from them. I’ve studied their negotiation styles and their formula can be applied when doing business in Mexico and any other country in the world. Of course, you need to adapt some things, but the basic principles apply everywhere.

You need to prepare yourself before a negotiation takes place. Create a negotiation plan. I’m going to give an introduction to the basic principles of a creative and new global negotiation style. I’ll divide this post in two parts.

1. What to do before the negotiation

Before meeting and negotiating with suppliers or manufacturers I suggest you take some time to prepare. Below I list 6 procedures to do before …

8 Tips for Buyers Attending SAPICA Footwear Trade Show 2014 in Mexico

SAPICA is the leading trade show of mexican footwear in Mexico and Latin America. This footwear trade show takes place in the city of Leon in Mexico. Every entrepreneur or sourcing manager in the leather and footwear industry should attend SAPICA and look for new business opportunities. New design and fashion are important elements of the mexican footwear. Here are 8 tips for buyers attending SAPICA footwear trade show 2014.

Footwear trade show tips

1. Pre Register. Pre register in advance to avoid long lines and confusion.

2. Pre Trade Show Planning.

3. Get Local Help. It’s always a good option to look for experienced and professional local help. Get help if you are new to SAPICA footwear trade show, if you had bad …