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sapica leather goods and footwear trade show
SAPICA is the leading trade show of mexican footwear in Mexico and Latin America. This footwear trade show takes place in the city of Leon in Mexico. Every entrepreneur or sourcing manager in the leather and footwear industry should attend SAPICA and look for new business opportunities. New design and fashion are important elements of the mexican footwear. Here are 8 tips for buyers attending SAPICA footwear trade show 2014.

Footwear trade show tips

1. Pre Register. Pre register in advance to avoid long lines and confusion.

2. Pre Trade Show Planning.

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  • Define which companies to visit, what products to purchase, what seminars to attend and which new product lines you’d like to see.
  • Review SAPICA website to identify the companies exhibiting, schedule, map, and other important information.
  • Look for a guide and schedule.
  • Know your inventory needs.
  • Make hotel and transportation reservations.

3. Get Local Help. It’s always a good option to look for experienced and professional local help. Get help if you are new to SAPICA footwear trade show, if you had bad experiences with Mexican shoe manufacturers in the past, if you have trouble understanding Mexican business culture, or if you have communication problems. We at Mexico Footwear Agency can help you achieve your goals and improve your business. Local agents know local factory owners and help you set appointments. Following up orders and negotiations is one of the most important advantages of having a local agent. Search for a translator if you don’t speak spanish.

4. Prepare Your Business Information. Prepare business cards in spanish language, your company information and business licence. This will help you get more attention from the company.

5. Set Your Terms.

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  • Don’t make impulsive decisions.
  • Get to know the company personnel, installations and products.
  • We recommend you to investigate very well before making a purchase.
  • Most companies set the minimum order to 12 pairs of shoes, but some will ask for more. If this doesn’t fit your needs you can negotiate.
  • Be sure you know prices you want before negotiations take place.

6. During the Trade Show

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  • Go to the entrance main booth to get your badge. Make sure your badge is visible so companies can identify you.
  • It’s better to ask companies to mail samples or documents instead of carrying them with you.
  • Carry a notebook and pen or a tablet so you can take notes.
  • Look for trade show specials, discounts and sales.
  • Check freight costs and delivery dates.
  • If you are a designer, bring your artwork and other documents. Most companies bring their laptops and can send the data to the appropriate department.
  • Have a snack or take a break when you feel tired. You’ll need to get energy because the trade show is big.

7. After the Trade Show. Review your initial objectives and check if they were all met. Follow up with your negotiations or hire a local agent to help you.

8. Understand Mexican Business Culture. In the Mexican culture it is hard for people to say no. So, surely some of the companies will agree to your conditions. However, you must check closely every step of the sourcing process, understand the Mexican business culture, or get help from a local agent.

For your business to be successful it is essential to monitor closely the entire buying process. From negotiation, product development, order placement, during production, and shipping.

Please write your comments below if you have any doubts or questions about SAPICA footwear trade show. Contact us if you need help with registration or if you need to find a specific product or supplier.


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