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Buying footwear from Mexico has many advantages, but it requires great effort and knowledge of the Mexican footwear industry. Get all the power, support, technology and experience of Mexico Footwear Agency for your business. We show you the way and take care of most part of your sourcing project. We have years of experience and we like our job. Our team will help you discover the leather and footwear industry of Mexico.

Our offices are located in Leon, Mexico, close to your manufacturers and suppliers. With the experience of our trained staff we’ll help you find and purchase your products in the best possible way. Focus on sales and we take care of the rest.

International Buying Agent for Footwear and Leather Goods – Your Office in Mexico

Our sourcing and buying agent services are designed for people who want an office in Mexico to take care of their leather goods and footwear sourcing project. We’ll adapt to your specific needs and give you a professional service.

As sourcing and buying agents we can provide the following services:

  • Advice on sources of supplies, as well as potential shoe manufacturers and suppliers of your products.
  • Attend fairs in Mexico in to identify new products and manufacturers that could be of your interest.
  • Evaluate price offers given by manufacturers.
  • Negotiate with manufacturers.
  • Deliver business travel agendas, and provide assistance in Mexico.
  • Coordination with manufacturers and suppliers.
  • Advice on export and import procedures and documents.
  • Revise all documents covering shipment, and arrange for international transportation.
  • Ensure all trade documents are accurate and in compliance with the law.
  • Random inspections during production.
  • Pre-shipment inspections.
  • Order follow up.
  • Interpreter and translator.
  • and much more.

Contact us to know about all the services included in our sourcing agent plan.

Why you Need our Sourcing & Buying Agent Services?

Leather and shoe manufacturers in Mexico, with a few exceptions, are small to medium size. This fact limits their ability to contact foreign buyers with efficiency. Few manufacturers and suppliers communicate in other languages or they communicate with many deficiencies. There are cultural and communication obstacles.

We help you carry out all the necessary sourcing processes so you can buy and import footwear and leather goods from Mexico without problems. We are your office in Mexico and this will help you control your project better. Receive help from experts. There will be personnel in Mexico representing your interests. You’ll act as a local company with us.

Benefits of having a Sourcing Agent:

  • Save time and money.
  • Clear communication with suppliers during your project in Mexico.
  • Understand business culture and avoid misinterpretations.
  • Focus on sales and we’ll take care of the rest

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Some Services Included in the Sourcing Agent Package

Find Manufacturers

shoe manufacturers

Negotiation Services

negotation services

Product Development


Material Management

material management


translation services mexico

Business Travel

business travel mexico

Pre Shipment Inspection

pre shipment inspection

Production Inspection

production inspection