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In preparing a feasibility study for your review, our questionnaire below was developed to provide a series of questions that based on our extensive experience, will allow us to understand your needs and give you free advice about your opportunities with leather goods and/or shoe manufacturers in Mexico.

The first part asks for your contact information. It is important to keep in communication with you and your company.

The second part deals with important information we require to be able to give you afree report about your chances of getting a good deal with footwear and/or leather goods companies in Mexico. With our free advice you’ll be able to make valuable decisions. In order to complete the feasibility study questionnaire we need your “Company Information” , “Business Operation Information”, and “Product Information”. This data is important for us to analyze your opportunities in Mexico.

If you want to discuss this QUESTIONNAIRE via telephone instead of filling out this form, please feel free to call us to consult with our professional staff.

Feasibility Study Questionnaire

The feasibility study is free. Find out if your footwear and leather goods needs can be covered in Mexico. We will help you get started!

Contact Information

Feasibility Study

With the feasibility study we will understand your needs and let you know if your business has good opportunities in Mexico.

Company Information

Information about your company's activity and size.

Business Operation Information

Select the business operation or business model you require when doing business in Mexico.

Write and explain the type of operation you require.

Product Information

NOTE: It's not the amount of one purchase order.

We need to know the type of footwear construction you require to give you better advice.

If you're looking for footwear, please divide the information in upper materials and sole materials.

It's very important to know what is the price range you expect. It must be price range EXW, placed in the factory before shipping.

Maximum size 10MB