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pre shipment inspectionThe final step in the manufacturing process is the pre shipment inspection. We inspect how the products are loaded to the container. Our team ensures the final details of your product are correct, and the ordered quantity is securely loaded onto your container before signing off and settling final payment. We go on-site at the time of loading, to guarantee the product paid for is securely loaded.

We give you a report of our pre shipment inspection.

Report includes:

  • Visit to a factory during product packing and loading.
  • Packing and product inspection.
  • Loading and packing supervision.
  • Pictures.
  • Test and special requirements.

What is the Pre Shipment Inspection?

The Pre Shipment Inspection will take place when 100% of the products are ready and packed in export cartons. The pre shipment inspection will take place at the factory, or in some cases, it could even take place at the forwarder’s premises.

What are the Benefits of a Pre Shipment Inspection?

We are here to help you make the best decision. If the goods are not acceptable, you can, with our help, cease the shipping process and confront your vendor directly without getting any surprises when you have received the goods.

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