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production inspectionIt’s better to inspect your order during production to ensure the quality of your product. Our inspectors will visit the manufacturer to inspect the production line and the products. Take control of the production and get better results.

Report includes:

  • Visit to the factory.
  • Product inspection using SATRA quality control system.
  • Packing and packaging inspection.
  • Pictures.
  • Tests and special requirements.
  • Corrections advice.

SATRA quality control system

SATRA stands for Shoe and Allied Trade Research Association. It is considered a leading technical authority for footwear and leather. We use the SATRA system because it is more adapted to the footwear and leather goods industry. Our inspectors are certified by SATRA and by the Guanajuato State government.

How do we carry out Production Inspection?

We not only inspect your production, we also make corrections and advice the factory how to solve problems. If the problem cannot be solved easily then we’ll inform you and guide you.

The Production Inspection takes place during the production process. We advise you to inspect during several production stages. Inspections can be made one time or several times at different production stages. If the product is sensitive then it’s advisable to make inspections frequently. We also inspect packed and ready to go products.

What is the benefit of a Production Inspection?

We will check if the quality of your products reaches your standards. We make sure production is on schedule. We inspect the production volume to avoid any delays in your final shipment. At this stage, you can still modify the production protocol and still be on time with your order even if we find problems.

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