6 Reasons Why SAPICA Footwear Show is Worthwhile Visiting

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If you’re thinking attending SAPICA footwear show in Mexico you probably made yourself this question: Is it worthwhile attending SAPICA? SAPICA is the biggest footwear show in Mexico and the second biggest in the American continent. It takes place twice a year. It’s always good to attend this kind of shows, meet people from the same industry and learn new things. The organizing committee makes great efforts to help foreign buyers. They even made a special area for foreign buyers so they can rest, have meetings and get some snacks.

Yes, it’s worthwhile attending SAPICA footwear show. You will learn about the Mexican footwear brands, and if you make the right questions, you’ll learn how business is really done in Mexico.

6 Reasons to Attend SAPICA Footwear Show

1. SAPICA is the main business platform for footwear in Mexico. It has a total of 45,000 square meters of exhibition space with more than 2,000 stands. You will find a wide variety of companies offering different kinds of footwear.

2. You can attend seminars to learn more about the Mexican footwear industry.

3. Companies with exporting experience attend this show. SAPICA has an exporter pavilion where the most experienced exporting companies will gather.

4. You will find the latest trends in fashion, design and innovation of Mexican footwear. There are high fashion catwalks where Mexican designers are invited to present their latest collections.

5. SAPICA organizes an exclusive annual event for foreign buyers, an event which aims to create an informal atmosphere to exchange experiences among foreign buyers.

6. All types of footwear categories are exhibited in SAPICA: women and men dress, women and men casual, western boot, sport, children, high fashion, developing businesses and leather goods.

Follow Up After the Show

Attending SAPICA is great, but it’s even better to have a local contact in Leon. Not all footwear manufacturers attend this show, especially new entrepreneurs and footwear manufacturers that only focus in production without having their own brand. We suggest you to have a local contact to follow up with negotiations made inside SAPICA and outside SAPICA.

Entrepreneurs and small manufacturers might be good for your project if you’re starting your business and if your orders are small. That’s why it’s good to look outside SAPICA too. A local contact will look for more manufacturers, follow up with your project and negotiate. You need to be patient if you have a new project, new developments might take several months to complete.

If you attended SAPICA in the past, please let us know your experiences. Where they good or bad experiences? How do you think this show can improve?