Top 5 Countries Mexico Exports Footwear

Mexico Exports

Mexico’s footwear exports have increased steadily between 9% to 10% since 2008. In 2013 the total exports closed with 26,072,685 pairs. According to AGA (Customs General Administration), this figure represented around 593 million dollars.

One of the main type of products Mexico exports is leather footwear, tariff heading 6403. This means Mexico specializes in value-added and high quality footwear. The average price of these products in 2014, including cowboy boots, is around USD $ 43.

Top 5 Destinations of Mexican Footwear Exports

1. USA
2. Colombia
3. Guatemala
4. Japan
5. Panama

Mexico exports 82% of their footwear production to USA. Mexican companies have more experience exporting footwear to the neighboring country. Mexico’s second largest footwear trading partner is Colombia. Colombia has made ​​several efforts to import Mexican footwear. For example, they help Mexican companies participate in specialized footwear trade shows in Colombia and organize trade missions. These efforts make this country the second destination of Mexican footwear exports.

Mexico exports to Japan, one of the most demanding markets in the world. Several fashion trends arise in Japan and Mexican companies are blending in this market. Japan is the 4th largest trading partner of Mexican footwear. This puts Mexico as a country exporting high quality footwear.

The Mexican footwear industry is an export industry with specialty experience. Mexico is a good option for international buyers seeking footwear.