Footwear Industry Analysis – global footwear market valued at 326,500 million dollars in 2013


According to data obtained from PROMEXICO (Mexican Government Organization to Promote Exports), the global footwear industry has increased year by year. It was one of the less hurt industries during the world economic crisis from 2008 to 2009.

The footwear industry analysis tells us this industry has increased 3.7% in the year of 2012, reaching sales of 256,600 million dollars. It’s envisioned that the global footwear market will have a value of 326,500 million dollars, with a growth of 21.8% since 2013.

Top Countries Importing and Exporting Footwear

Talking about footwear exports in the world, it’s interesting to know that 65% of the world exports are made by the following 5 countries :

1. China
2. Italy
3. Vietnam
4. Hong Kong
5. Germany

As for footwear imports in the world, the top 5 countries are the following:

1. United States
2. Germany
3. France
4. England
5. Japan

Mexico Footwear Industry Analysis

In accordance with the Mexican footwear industry analysis, the top 5 importing countries mentioned before import Mexican shoes, mainly leather shoes. 80% of Mexico’s footwear production is destined to the United States. Germany, France, England and Japan are also important commercial partners of Mexico in the footwear industry.

Worldwide Footwear Production Analysis

According to APICCAPS (Portuguese Association of the Footwear Industry), the estimate worldwide footwear production was around 21 billion pairs in 2012. Asia maintains its overwhelming leadership as the main production location in the footwear industry. The top 5 footwear producing countries are:

1. China
2. India
3. Brazil
4. Turkey
5. Vietnam

Worldwide Footwear Consumption Analysis

In terms of consumption, half of the world shoes were sold in Asia in 2012. This data reinforces their leadership among the biggest footwear consumers in the world. China and India are the largest footwear markets in the world in terms of quantities. Japan and Indonesia kept their positions in the top 10. Europe and North America follow Asia. The United States takes the third place of consumption in the world.

Footwear is a solid market. It will always exist as a basic need for a large number of people in the world. Manufacturers have to adapt to fashion trends, different cultures and economic changes. However, this industry is one of the strongest in the world.

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